Towards a lasting consensus about healthcare

Do you want to be able to easily consult with partners from the scientific world, healthcare and the industry as a government? I would like to make a modest contribution.

Towards better healthcare

As a government, you strive to implement projects that use tax money in the best way possible and contribute to the quality and continuity of our social model. This is especially true for healthcare, which must strike a complex balance between different interests.

We must make some radical changes to ensure that our healthcare remains affordable. To implement these changes correctly, all parties must think and work together constructively.

A modest contribution

With 30+ years of experience and an extensive network of scientists, government and industry representatives, Deonta Executive will gladly help you quickly get the right people around the table. The aim? A sustainable win-win-win-win solution that benefits our healthcare in the long term.

Win-win-win-win is not a meaningless slogan for me. Before I accept to work on a project of a company or a group of scientists, I always research the potential contributions that could be made to the quality and continuity of our healthcare. If there are none, I refuse the project.

Do you have a question?

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