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Do you lack the time to deal with a specific scientific challenge? Use my network as to get results that will really benefit healthcare.

Do you need a catalyst?

No matter how advanced our healthcare is, and which results you have already achieved, every once in a while, as a scientist, you encounter a practical challenge that seems unsolvable or for which you lack the time. In that case, I can probably help you.

With 30+ years of experience in healthcare and an extensive network of scientists, the government and the industry, Deonta Executive quickly gathers the right expertise around the table. The interaction between sectors and domains often makes something that initially seemed difficult to achieve possible.

A passion for science

After my studies, I remained passionate about science. I gladly make use of my extensive network so that you can get results that benefit healthcare faster. In addition, when I work with the industry or the government, scientific credibility and accuracy are paramount.

Thanks to his medical/clinical and marketing skills, Patrick can understand the scientific details, while also translating this into information that is easy to understand for marketing and sales teams. In addition, he uses his coaching skills to perfectly adapt his approach to all his interlocutors (KOLs, national marketing managers, and so on.) – Thomas Landemaine, International Marketing Manager at a French pharmaceutical company

Recent case: landmark study

Recently, the scientific world was divided over a principle that made sense on a logical level but seemed difficult to demonstrate from a clinical perspective.

Deonta Executive was approached by a research institute to bring together representatives from the academic world, hospitals, general practitioners and the industry. I wrote out the protocol and CRF and had a website created where users could easily enter the CRF data. The result? A landmark study that clinically demonstrated the principle.

Are you struggling with a scientific challenge that has the potential to benefit healthcare? Call me at +32 478 25 84 81 to discuss it. Alternatively, you can make an appointment: an initial consultation is free and non-committal. If I know someone who is better placed to help you, I will pass on his/her details. You can always count on me.

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